NASCAR & Moionshiners

Enjoyed your article on moonshiners influencing the start of Nascar, but I was surprised you didn’t reference the classic B-Movie “Thunder Road” starring Robert Mitchum as the tragic hero Doolin along with Gene Barry, Jim Mitchum and Keely Smith among others. Mitchum not only wrote the story but sang the title song in that marvelous baritone. A great homage to the drivers and their “tankers”. Worth a view. Lance

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I agree- that’s a great film and a wild underground history. My dream actually is to do an Atlas Obscura drive in movie screening of Thunder Road in a classic car garage… we’ll do it one of these days!

As of a few years ago you could actually drive the route from the movie, and believe me, when I drove it over 50 years ago, it was plenty scary. No guardrails, lights, etc. You really had to stay alert, and that was driving relatively slowly without a 400HP racing mill under the hood. Lancer