Nearest airport to San Miguel de Allende?

Hi there, I’m planning a trip to San Miguel de Allende and was wondering if anyone knew the best airport to fly into. There seem to be a few options close by…Leon and Queretaro.

Also welcoming any tips on things to do and places to eat, of course. Thanks!


Flying to Queretaro airport will probably cut down your travelling distance to San Miguel de Allende (should be about 50 mins by bus). But personally I would reccomend flying to Del Bajío airport in Guanajuato , spending a couple of days in the city and then travelling from there by bus to San Miguel de Allende.

Guanajuato is a really lovely colonial city with a lot of history and charm and it also has a lot of Atlas Obscura-esque things to see.


Hey Joie,

The best airport to fly into is Queretaro. I fly to San Miguel three times a year and I used to use Leon, but Queretaro is coloser and newer. Make sure you have a shuttle there to pick you up for the trip to SMA. Bajio Go is the oldest and very reliable.

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