Necco Wafers

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Rejoice! The wafers should be back on the market in 2019. But it’s a damn shame they couldn’t stay in business in New England.


I grew up near Spangler Candy in Bryan, my grandfather worked there years ago. It is likely NECCO won’t change much, Spangler is very high on keeping tradition.


I remember these “chalky” delights from childhood—just found ‘em on Amazon!

NECCO Wafers used to be one of the few candies you could buy for a nickel back in the 1960s. And there were so many of them in one roll, and they lasted forever. Pretty great for someone whose weekly allowance was a dime!

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Having grown up in NE, not far from Revere where NECCO was located I had them often as a child. As Catholics we used them as holy communion wafers in jest as we ate them.
My Dad, who died at 91 a few years ago, lived in Florida and when I visited him he often had necco wafers…not sure where he found them in Florida, but his…and my favorite, were the chocolate ones, which you could get as a whole roll!

They’re back! Spangler released Conversation Hearts for this last Valentine’s Day, and just announced this week that it will be releasing a new (and slightly improved) Necco Wafer the first week of June 2020. All the same flavors, from the original moulds, except that the chocolate has been reformulated to have a more intense chocolate flavor. My favorite movie theater snack, so I hope I can get some before I go back to my first in-theater movie!

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