Need some advice for Gap year!

Hey guys! I really need your advice. I’m a 20-year-old French girl who just graduated and I have decided to take a gap year to travel… the issue is I have way too many countries in my head and I can’t seem to decide. I would love to hear your advice.
Also, I really want to be able to travel with a group so if any of you know of any reliable group trips that I could go on, I would love your recommendations.
PS: if any of these group trips have younger audiences that would be around my age that would be lovely.
Thank you so so much,
I am really freaking out since I have nothinnnggg planned,
I really appreciate your help.

Well first what type of things are you looking to do?

Hey @leaminden, welcome to the AO forums and kudos on creating your first thread and post. First of all, félicitations pour votre diplôme universitaire! That’s a milestone accomplishment. Second, I would plan any travel according to budget so you’ll know where you’ll be and what you need to do before running out of money, unless you can perpetually withdraw funds without overdraft from the Bank of Dad and Mom, in which case, you’re very fortunate. As @sontaron said, what type of things are you looking to do? How do you plan on making your money work hard for you? Here’s a few threads you might want to explore on these forums.

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I can add more as I remember or unearth other threads but these should give you a running start.

Go out of your comfort zone that’s what a gap year is about finding what you can do and find your rhythm… A little motivation