Neidpath Train Tunnel

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Peebles seems a long way from Clydepath and the sea. what was it’s role in shipbuilding?
" It’s believed that it was also the hiding spot for the royal train when the king and queen surveyed damages done Clydebank following a Luftwaffe bombardment. The town was known for being a key ship manufacturer during the war. "

From my understanding, Clydebank was the target of one of the worst bombing raids during World War II called the Clydebank Blitz. Major targets were munitions storages, naval yards, and shipbuilding facilities. The John Brown and Company was there during the time and were known for making some of the world’s most famous ships and was seen as one of the most important yards in the world at the time. Here’s some more info if your interested.

BBC - Scotland's Landscape : Clydebank Blitz.

The hiding spot for the train has been disputed in the past so we added a caveat there. Thanks for the interest!!:fist: