Nerdy but useful single purpose websites

#46 has over 550 maps of live weather alerts, NASA satellite monitoring of sea and cloud top temperatures, soil moisture content, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, tropical storms, precipitation, infrared clouds, weather modification, oceanography, terrestrial biomes, Koppen climate classifications, famous explorer expeditions, ancient ruins, migration, disease outbreaks, fossil sites, sunken ships, conquerors and wars, missile defense systems, surveillance systems, nuclear radiation sites and more for the really nerdy. So if something really nerdy like MODIS Aqua - Land Surface Temperature Day or the Topography of the Thermohaline Circulation of the Ocean or HAARP and Ionospheric Heaters Worldwide or The Fossil Sites in Antarctica, Australia and Oceania makes your day, then this site is for you.

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Found another at random. Atlas of the biggest trees in Pennsylvania. I have a buddy who’s a federal forester. I’ll have to see if he does any kind of notations on this in his surveys.

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Thanks, allisonkc! I read your comment a week ago, and I’ve been obsessed with this game ever since! It’s so fun. And I have to say I’m quite good. :grin:


A great ressource for languages is!


@jfrzr Yay! I’m so glad to hear it! :slight_smile:


A good one—everything you ever wanted to know about all the ways you can lace your shoes:


A website to find out if it is Christmas that day!



I was doing a lot of background reading on Paleolithic cave art using these sites when I was in Northern Spain recently , fantastic resources!


For when you can’t remember if someone is Dead :frowning: or Alive :slight_smile:

For when you’re as obsessed as I am with making sure I’m going to have a good seat on the plane

For when you want to track a friend’s or family member’s flight, or your own, or… you just want to watch ALL THE FLIGHTS traveling through the air. I could watch this all day.


Might check out that dead or alive website. That flight website sounds interesting too.


Excellent thread, thanks! One of my favorites is actually an app, Flyover Country. You plug in your location and destination before your flight or road trip and download a map of your route with site identification, geologic information, fossil locations and linked Wikipedia articles. There is also information about geographic features in general and cloud formations so you can understand more about what you are looking at. You can also track your flight and altitude as you enjoy the app offline. It’s perfect for all of us who love the window seat![Flyover Country](http://Flyover Country by Regents of the University of Minnesota)


Castles in Poland: Castles of Poland - - There are about 100 listed here with photos.


Great! Thanks for this.


Just found out about this site that conserves the sounds of vintage technology, and looks good while it does it. It’s really cool. Like vintage tech ASMR.


This is so weird and nerdy (I see they used the same adjectives on the site haha) and I love it! Sharing this one with my friends, for sure.

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I never realized there were so many ways.

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Very specific, but if you’re in Newfoundland or Labrador, you might want to check out Iceberg Finder.

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oh this is so cool!


I know about a dozen sound designers who will be thankful this exists.


This is basic, but the first thing I check if I am about to plan a holiday in a foreign country:
Climate diagrams for the whole world:

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