Neskowin Ghost Forest

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When we lived in Oregon, my husband and I loved to visit Neskowin. A beautiful beach, that never seemed too crowded. It was a a great day trip/escape. There was a great little restaurant right off the beach, that served amazing house made cinnamon rolls and pizza.


05/24/19 - Timing had us arriving here shortly after high tide, but we still got a good glimpse of the tops of some of the stumps. Be aware that if you copy and paste the coordinates from the article into googlemaps it will route you through a gated community. This was locked and we did not wish to trespass, so we backtracked and parked in a neighborhood near public beach access. From there it was a short walk south down the beach, as well as a creek crossing (height depends upon tide and time of year, but it was up past my knees and I am pretty tall).

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