New England Road Trip

On the way to Newport , stop in Dedham Mass, Fairbanks house.
Oldest standing wooden house in the country 1637 - history
Dedham center-Big Bear Coffee
Kouzina amazing greek food
Eat at The black Pearl in Newport


Mount Washington NH Cog Railroad is a MUST!! Have fun :blush:


Wow! Don’t forget the western (rural and olde time) New England scenery. It’s hard to beat fall colors in the Connecticut River Valley! I’d say just go right up the river and into Vermont at least as far as Burlington. Catch a covered bridge or two.

Just south of Salem is Lawrence, Mass. is the site of the 1912 Bread and Roses strike.
The textile mills are still there, though they’re now upscale offices, clinics and condos.


In New Prt, RI there is a long walk that goes along the shore behind these gorgeous mansions. Definitely do this!


That’s my home town. Not to miss is the cliff walk it connects 1st Beach to Poor mans Beach. Stop at the Chanler for a drink out on the patio its at the start of the cliff walk. Drive around Ocean drive you may see a celebrity Jay Leno, Judge Judy maybe even Taylor Swift. Take a Mansion tour there are many I suggest The Breakers. Take a stroll down town. Best place to eat pricey but pretty awesome Bouchard’s on Thames or right next door is the Revolving Door for drinks and apps.


This other forum post is a treasure trove of strange and off the beaten path things in New England - be sure to check it out and thank @SoaringRaven for compiling it! Map of New England Oddities

We also just launched an experimental feature that allows you to search The Atlas for all the spaces in-between, see what you find here:


Hello ! Sounds wonderful! I dont mean to mess up your plan, but if you are in that part of the country in October I would certainly go north of Portland. Mid coast Maine up to Arcadia National Park is absolutely wonderful, especially during foliage time. Camden is a highlight, as is the string of antique stores running north of Portland. I would definitely recommend Moodys Diner. And the Dipnet in Thomaston area. Also in Cushing is the house used in the painting series Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth.

Ok. I will try and think of things in your itinerary. This is just having lived more north there are some true treasures!


Hello! CT native here. These are recommendations for things between Hartford and New Haven, but they’re worth a slight detour/stopping to see along the way:

This “castle” in Meriden, CT, makes for a pleasant hike with nice views, and it’s located about halfway between Hartford and New Haven. It’s especially nice to do in the fall!

If you’re swinging by Cheshire (my hometown!) for lunch/happy hour/dinner, I’d highly recommend stopping to eat at Viron’s. This is where we always have celebratory meals/bring people from out of town/go whenever we want to, really. The food’s great (get the my mother’s chips) and they have a lovely outdoor patio area. It can get pretty crowded though, especially on weekends, so you’ll want to make a reservation to be safe. It’s also close to the Cheshire exit for 691, so it’s very convenient to get to. This little museum is also right across the road:

Cheshire’s also home to this historic site as well, though it’s on the opposite end of town:

If you take a short detour from New Haven to Hamden, Sleeping Giant is also a lovely place to hike. Wentworth is nearby, and is a great place to stop for ice cream.

Wallingford’s near New Haven too, and it’s home to a pretty vineyard and a good restaurant located inside what was once the town’s original library.


In Boston, I’m assuming you already have the popular historical things on your list. Off the top of my head, a few of my favorites whenever I go home:
Definitely walk around Beacon Hill and pay attention to the alleyways. Lots of hidden gems all over.
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Indoor Garden and home)
Harvard Museum of Natural History (Glass Flower exhibit)
The Mapparium at the Mary Baker Eddy Library

I’ll ask my husband later about NH and Maine.

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In case you’re in Salem


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I LOVE this feature, I can’t wait to use this more - thank you so much!

That map is absolutely insane…so comprehensive, I love it. What a tremendous resource…thanks for sharing!


You’re so welcome - New England is one of my favorite places to visit, and I hope you have a blast!

If you like history and she likes coffee, go to the Sam Adams brewery in Boston. Even if you’re not a beer fan, the facility has a lot of history. And there’s a really good coffee shop (Ula Cafe) inside the brewery complex. There’s a pretty decent restaurant (Bella Luna) in there as well.
As for history in Boston, there’s plenty of it everywhere and a cursory Google search or glance through any tour book will give you the proper recommendations.
As for food, my favorite restaurant in Boston (technically Somerville) is Sarma. Some of the best food I’ve ever eaten. Monica’s Mercato in the North End has some of the best Italian sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. And you gotta have a lobster roll. I like James Hook & Reel but you can get good lobster rolls at plenty of places.
Salem is cute and quain and if you like history, the witch graveyard is really chilling. There’s a lot of hokey witch stuff in Salem, but the graveyard where the actual women who were accused of being witches are buried really drives the reality of that whole ordeal home.
In New Haven, you gotta eat the pizza. Frank Pepe is the original, but I prefer Modern. Some say Sally’s is best. I feel like you can’t go wrong with any of the three.


Oh, and if you go to Sam Adams, not too far is Franklin Park. There’s a zoo there, but more interesting (to me, anyway) are the ruins of the old zoo in the free part of the park.


Great recommendations - thank you sir! Researching all of these.

these are great recommendations! thank you!

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These are all awesome, thank you so much! Adding to the research list :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recommendations! I tried convincing my girlfriend to keep the rental car an extra day to go up to Acadia, but we only have 1 day in Portland, so she wants to spend it there. Luckily we can come back to do the Acadia park trip another time with her flight benefits. I want to see Stephen King’s house too!

Very excited to Rhode Island! Added these to the list, can’t wait. Thank you :slight_smile: