New Feature: Submission Drafts


We’re excited to announce a new feature that allows you to save place submissions as a draft, leaving you the flexibility to revisit your entry later before submitting it for review by our team. Our edit staff will only be notified of your new submission, or edits to that submission, when you let us know.

You can see the new Save Draft option at the bottom of the place submission page.

Thanks, as always, for your contributions to the definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders. We couldn’t do this with out you.

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cc @KenJ @Monsieur_Mictlan


I like the draft option, so thanks for that! But is there a reason that the submitted one is locked? I’m one of those people that always sees a mistake after submitting. :stuck_out_tongue: If it somehow speeds up the process, etc then no problem from my side. But if its sitting there for a while then I wonder why one can’t edit.


Yes, a primary impetus for this change was to speed up the review process. It allows our team to isolate edits that are ready to be reviewed. Previously these edits were being lost in the mix of the ones that weren’t ready.

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Fair enough! If it helps then I’m all for it :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed a few issues with the feature so far. When looking at other user’s unpublished entries I get the “submit for review” option, as seen here:

I clicked it once yesterday out of curiosity for another entry ( and it lead me to the regular “something went wrong” error page, but today I noticed that the button was gone, which makes me wonder if a user could then click the submission button for another.

This brings me to another question. If a user had left an unpublished entry on their queue before the submission button was added, but they did not check AO regularly enough to click on it, will the entry not be evaluated then?

Finally, not sure if related but I only saw this error since the drafts were rolled out. On Firefox for Android 9, when entering an address on a new entry, the first option on the drop-down list cannot be clicked:

This is inconvenient because sometimes the all options below that one are different addresses, and if I write the address manually, it seems the system only recognizes part of it and thus the submission has an issue. In the example above, only the postcode and UK got recognized, so instead of “York, England”, it only appeared as “England” and without an address.

We’ll look into these. Thanks @linkogecko!

Hey Linko, in regards to the draft feature and unpublished entries. All entries that are submitted are reviewed and added to the editorial list or receive an email about what may be missing or if its not a fit. I take it you are referring to some of your older entries you were working on? We generally go ahead and add them to the list as we are aware that you are still working on them. If you want to check your listing and send over the ones that fall into that category feel free and I can run a cross check to make sure we have them. Thanks again for everything.

Thank you as well Jonathan. I was actually referring to other users. I’m currently active on the site so I’ve checked all my pending entries as well as drafts.

My question was more in regards to other users who might not have visited the site or logged in to their profiles in months or years. Assuming they left unpublished entries which now have a “submit for review” option that they likely won’t be clicking on soon, will those entries not be recognized in the system as “submitted”?

@Igdaloff sent me a message as well where I’ve explained some of this further.

New glitch. I’ve just received 5 repeat emails in a row notifying me “we’ve received your submission” for the first one I submitted since the changes.

Peculiar not only because of how many they were (about one minute apart) but also because I actually submitted it a few days ago and got the same email immediately afterwards.

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We’re looking into this. Thanks!

I also have this bug.

@jonathancarey can we tell if the entry made it onto the list? I have one now that has been submitted for a few weeks now. I think that it would be great if there was a way to see in which step it is. I don’t mind about the time, I mainly just want to know if its accepted or not. (So that I can think of submitting new places.)

Generally, if you don’t receive an email requesting more details a day or two after submitting it’s in process, that’s not to say something won’t pop up when editors dive fully into the entry. But it’s generally a good rule of thumb. I will certainly run this idea up the flag pole and see if we can create another workaround that doesn’t require a backend overhaul. Thanks as always for the note.

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Not to be impatient, but it actually seems to be getting worse. For my latest entry that is now entering the review process I got more than 10 identical emails, just more spaced out (I’d say over the course of 3-4 hours).

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Same. I think that we get it every time that they save the progress.

Hey @linkogecko and @CoolCrab, I’m weirdly not able to recreate this issue. @linkogecko does it sound right that you’re getting an email each time you save a draft, like @coolcrab said? If so, in which case are you getting the duplicate emails? 1) When saving drafts before submitting your place, or 2) When saving drafts after you’ve submitted and our team has provided feedback? Or both?

Thanks for your patience here! Hope to have it resolved soon. It sounds pretty annoying.

I get a bunch and I did not do anything, its really when you guys edit

Same as above. After all the drafts I will click “submit” and get one email. Then nothing for a few days, until they start editing in full and, like CoolCrab said, apparently one everytime a change is saved by the editors.

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Another problem, if I submit a picture it gives me the same ‘are you sure’ popup that I have to confirm to submit. But the images show up on the page immediately, so something is off there.

We’re working on a fix for both of these issues. Thanks for the heads up! (cc @linkogecko)

@linkogecko @CoolCrab we just rolled out a fix for the duplicate email notification issue. Let me know if you’re still experiencing it.

As always, thanks for your contributions!!

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