New Orleans suggestions?


I’m gonna be in NO in a few weeks, around Tulane. Any adventure ideas? It’s my first time in the city. I’m interested in the voodoo traditions in the city, and the architecture, if that brings anything to mind.


Hey there! New Orleans is one of my favorite places. If you’re near Tulane, they call that area Uptown and all the homes up there are gorgeous. Think classic southern multi-level homes with broad porches. The Mardi Gras beads will probably still be dangling from the trees. You will also be right near the St. Charles trolley. It’s a good way to see things and get the lay of the land. There’s a pretty good conversation thread on New Orleans below, including some more suggestions from yours truly!


If you go to Cafe du Monde for beignets (and why shouldn’t you?), consider reading this Gastro Obscura article while drinking cafe au lait. It’s about why Vietnamese coffee in the U.S. contains chicory, and how the popularity of chicory coffee in New Orleans (including that cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde) came to be appreciated by a sizable population of Vietnamese refugees who settled in the city.


A must:


Haunted History Tours has some cool tours, including cemeteries, ghost tours, and the Garden District. Cafe du Monde for sure. There is great food everywhere. Just walk around the French Quarter and soak in the sights and smells (ranging from coffee and baked goods to pee and horse poop!). You can’t help but stumble upon something very cool all over. The aquarium was really nice (I went before Katrina). A long time ago I also went to the art museum in NOLA, which I enjoyed. I got married in City Park! :slight_smile: Have a great time!


I absolutely love New Orleans - last time there my wife and I stayed at the Edgar Degas House, which was spectacular. We had several great cemetery tours and an exceptional ghost tour. Loved the secret room at M.S. Rau Antiques, Mardi Gras World and Escape My Room. I think the best thing we did though was to pick up a copy of “Secret New Orleans” which had a ton of fascinating things to see and explore - I highly recommend it:

Also, you can’t go wrong with the food pretty much anywhere, but I think brunch at Brennan’s may have been one of the best I’ve ever had. If you go, be sure to try the Bananas Foster - it was invented there.


I just returned. Architectural highlights were the house restoration at race and religious ( google that ohrase) , ask the location of the other art space he designed as well- Granville and Billie Sommes, go to Lower ninth Ward museum, incredibly moving and informative and authentic. Then go around the corner to Café Dauphin And eat incredible food with only local people there!
We also visited the swap at Jean Lafitte Park, and found it very accessible and informative. All three of these events are locally participated in and have roots in the community. Under the tourist radar


If you like wine and cheese, check out Bacchanal Fine Wine and Spirits, it’s a little funky and fun. If you like fried chicken, go to Willie Mae’s or Dookie Chase. Get an Absynthe at Pirate’s Alley, visit the Voodoo Museum and check out Voodoo Authentica; it’s a pretty interesting store.


Don’t miss the Backstreet Cultural Museum. It’s an absolutely fascinating place.

Also check out the House of Dance and Feathers; it’s actually in the backyard of a private home, so it is necessary to call ahead for an appointment.

If you want to understand the culture of New Orleans’ people of color, both these places are mandatory.


you may be in time for the Creole Tomato Festival, but if not, there are generally festivals of one kind or another very frequently, and I would imagine all of them are a lot of fun. I think a walk through the French Market district, if you can make it that way, is a definite … touristy, yes, but for your first visit its an interesting outing, grab souvenirs and ship them home, have some pralines and maybe visit the riverfront . Central Grocery for muffuletas, (bring back some olive salad to take home.) Marie Laveau for voodoo, and window shopping on Magazine Street. There is so much to do in NOLA you’ll never get to see everything in one go, but it will steal your heart, and you’ll return. I think in true NO style, maybe just walk the streets, enjoy the people, dance to the music you like best, eat where the locals do. Fancy is nice, but definitely not required.


Just returned from NOLA! The voodoo museum is small but PACKED with history, same goes for the Pharmacy museum (has quite the dark past), and if you’re looking for excellent tours, I recommend the tour guide Christian from Ghost City Tours. We’ve done several tours with him and he’s always intensely engaging and easy to interact with! Have fun!


Great call on the Backstreet Cultural Museum! From the outside I wasn’t expecting much, but inside the costumes and history really blew us away. Sadly I didn’t make it to the House of Dance and Feathers on our last trip, but it’s near the top of the list of things we want to see the next time we’re there.

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I often find that the least prepossessing looking places are the best. I’m so glad you found it worthwhile!

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Hello! What a great trip, it’s a magical city. Most people think of the hoopla on Bourbon, but there is so much more to see. I spent 3 days there back in May and certainly found some new things. One area that’s often overlooked, yet preferred by the locals (as it’s lower key than the FC), is the Marigny neighborhood just north east of the French Quarter. The main drag is Frenchman Street and there’s tons to do around there. Bars, great restaurants (I recommend Marigny Brasserie), antique stores and many other odds and ends. I was there one evening and they had a unique arts & crafts fair of high-quality handmade things. The only negative comment I have for the area is that I was disappointed with the Jazz Museum (I am a museum junkie), so I wouldn’t bother with it. To some it up, just get out and explore!