New York Charlotte Russe

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my mother was a great cook and made these for us…Carrie Barker RIP

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We called it “Winter Ice Cream.” When it got too cold to eat an ice cream cone, my mother would buy me a Charlotte Russe. They were sold in bakeries.

I used to love these as a child in Brooklyn, NY in the 1950s.

Me too! Also in Brooklyn in the late 40s and into the 1950s.

In the 1940’s when I was a kid growing up in South Jersey [13 miles fm Philly], we used to go to Brooklyn about once a month. My mom was Brooklyn born and her family were in Brooklyn & NYC since well before the Revoluition. My dad was an immigrant from Canada who grew up in Brooklyn. I loved Charlotte Russe and that was one of the inducements for me to behave on the three plus hour drive to NY. You could also find the wonderful Charlotte Russe in North Jersey where we also visited.


I remember seeing this dessert in the movie, “Once Upon a Time in America.” One of the boy characters brought a Charlotte Russe to a girl he liked. She made him wait so long, that he ended up eating it himself.