No maps of locations?

I swear I used to be able to see a map of Atlas Obscura destinations so for example, I can see what might be near my hotel in Manhattan. Is there a reason I can’t seem to find this?


I lost track of the big map for a while, too; I only had it bookmarked on one of my devices. It’s a bit, er… obscurely linked to in the banner at the top of AO pages (but not AO Community pages like this one.)

Click on the word “PLACES” but not anywhere in the dropdown menu that appears if you hover over the word; especially not on the tempting “View all destinations” link, that’s a red herring. They really need a link that just says “The Really Big Map”.

That should take you to the interactive world map of AO places, but if it doesn’t, here’s the page.


Thanks so much! Odd that there is no zoom to this map offered when looking at listings for a given area.

There have been a lot of problems with the mobile version of the website. The what’s near me button usually doesn’t work these days and I usually can’t expand or look at any other locations on the map. I’ve also tried a few times recently to add photos to AO sites and can’t. Can’t wait for there to be an actual app!!!

I think that not having a zoom-to-this-place option is actually a good thing. AO encourages wandering, getting side-tracked and other forms of distracted discovery. By presenting the whole map every time it puts you in a journey of discovery as you try to zoom down to the place you were looking up, and if you get distracted by some place else all the better.

There are latitude and longitude coordinates on the place pages, but you can’t enter them into the AO map the way you can with a Google map. I recall there being a relevant portion of the map that was displayed above the coordinates, and that might be the feature you’re looking for, but that seems to have gone away, or I misremember. There are the “Top Places” in the sidebar that link to the nearby AO Places, but they don’t give you the bird’s eye view the map does.

Yea the mobile version is broken in some ways, for the biggest problem is that you can’t upload pictures or format text. But they told me that they are working on it! So hopefully this will be solved soon. :slight_smile:

The desktop version also offers no maps at this moment.

I’ve seen this happen in Chrome, Firefox, Safari / Windows 10, iOS and Android 9. The constant that’s making maps not show up is having an ad blocker on.

Without an ad blocker I’ve also noticed it occasionally in Firefox PC and Android. Chrome without ad blocker has always shown the maps correctly.

I see, this seems to indeed be the issue for me on laptop. I do not have adblockers on my phone though and no maps there.

I can’t say that I feel guilty for using an adblocker on the site, since I feel that I contribute enough with places. So a solution would be nice, or maybe an ads free version for logged in users that submit a certain amount of things or pay something?