Nokia Kuuma Koira

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A pizza place where I grew up in Western MA used to add quite a bit of sugar to their crust. AND ranch was served to dip the pizza in, as a matter of course. Good stuff.

What other additions of sugar to savory foods are out there?


When I was a small child growing up in Philadelphia, my dad used to smear a breakfast pancake with jam and wrap it around a sausage to make breakfast fun. It still tastes wonderful, especially with spicy sausage or chiles added to the jam.


Holy moly that sounds wonderful.

My grandmother was Slovak and made kick ass perohi, the Slovak version of pierogi. Half of hers had the standard potato and cheese and half were filled with prunes that had been rehydrated and made into a thick paste.

First boiled then fried with butter and onions. It’s a great savory and sweet combo. I’ve also done it with dried apricots.

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In Colorado there is a local pizza chain called Beau Jo’s and they usually offer honey to drizzle on top of the pizza crust. It’s really really good.


The most famous pie at Paulie Gee’s, a pizza place right across from the Atlas Obscura office, has spicy honey drizzled on top!

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There is a pretty good instruction video in English in YouTube. Too bad he makes some mistakes, but altogether it gives you overall explanation what this food is all about. The BEST Finnish food you've (probably) never heard of! - YouTube