Noodles vs Pasta

What does everyone think the difference between noodles and pasta is? Is there a distinction at all?


At least in my idiolect, “pasta” is the style that is core to the cuisine of several regions of Italy (although certainly made in other places as well). Dough made from durum wheat semolina flour, with water (or perhaps an alternative like milk) and optionally egg. It can be cooked fresh within a few days, or dried for long-term storage.

“Noodles” may include no wheat at all (rice noodles, for instance), may be processed with an alkaline agent (like many eastern noodles), or might even be made from beans rather than a grain (like “cellophane noodles”, made from mung bean starch).

I feel like there’s some kind of shape restriction on “noodles” as well, though I’m not sure I can articulate that clearly. Like, something closer to being long and squiggly is more noodly… So, orecchiette are pasta, but not noodles, whereas Singaporean bee hoon would be noodles but not pasta. Penne rigate are definitely pasta, but the question of whether they are noodles vexes me.


Pasta forever!!!


Noodles boi

They’re all the same when they go in the tummy!

Seriously, noodles are a more generic category and can include pasta but pasta is generally held to be noodles for Italian cuisine.

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I don’t know, but I’ll eat them both.


This is a correct answer.


But, what able children’s noodle/art crafts? If you google search both, the same kinds (bowtie, penne, etc.) comes up. Or, chicken noodle soup—people use so many different kinds of noodles for the comfort dish.

However, most importantly—they all go in the tummy!