Normal neighborhoods in London to stay?

My wife and I are visiting London for 4 nights. We’re looking for a nice, working class neighborhood to stay in that is near a tube line. If this is any help, we lived in Rogers Park, Chicago for 15 years, so something similar would be nice. We’re looking at Brixton but does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Brixton is largely (and was once fully) a working class neighborhood (getting very gentrified as of late though), very arty and up and coming area but it is quite rough in parts so may not exactly meet the criteria for being “nice”…I don’t know, I guess it is in the eye of the beholder and depends on how you define “nice”.

Worth mentioning that you can find a lot of cheap and nice neighborhoods to stay in with rail connections into Central London in the suburbs of Surrey, Kent and Essex which are all counties that border and merge with the greater London area. is a nice article to check out because it tells you about the different neighbourhoods and the pros and cons of staying there as well as the prices you can expect to pay there. Hope this helps!