Norway Ultrahike Trip (Trolltunga, Priekestolen, Kjeragbolten)

Anyone live in Norway or have been to Norway? I want to go and visit Bergen and Oslo and hike Trolltunga, Priekestolen, and Kjeragbolten in between the two. Would love any advice from people who have done that.

I tend to travel using affordable buses and live out of a backpack, is that possible? I have heard I would need to rent a car and that would be $$$.

If anyone lives in Norway and wants to be my guide - or if anyone is interested in planning a future trip there to do that, post here please!

The “Norway in a Nutshell” tour will get you scenic train transportation between Oslo and Bergen, but unfortunately probably not provide a way to do the hikes you mention.

(Note, I took the tour in July and there was still snow in between Oslo and Bergen. Also, definitely one of the most expensive countries to visit.)

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Seconding what @tyler said about Norway being expensive, but the train rides are stunningly beautiful. I once did a train ride from Oslo to Bodø (a total of 18 hours) while heading to the Lofoten Islands to hitchhike/camp beneath the midnight sun, and even though the trip was long and rather pricey, it was worth it for the scenery.

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