Not sure what needs to be updated in a listing, please help

The article is here

and the message is :

This place requires additional work before it can be published.
Please check your email for further details.

But I never received an email, so not sure what to do?

Hi @Digby_Dogson! I’m sorry for the confusion with your entry. I’ve spoken with the editors and it appears that the entry needs more usable images as the images provided are not licensed for reuse by us. If you have any terrific original photos of the place, or know where we can find some, please let us know and we can move forward with the place. If you would like to discuss the entry further, please message the editors at, and they can assist. Thanks again for reaching out and for the terrific place suggestion!

Okay, I see. They place just recently went up for sale. I’ll see if the realtor will let the photos they took be used.