Number of required photos for new posts at Atlas Obscura

Dear all,

after I have written several new posts for Atlas Obscura, I was informed that they only will consider to allow these posts if I upload additional photos. One post contained only one photo, the second even three. The current version of the online form for adding new posts only asks for one single photo.

Therefore I want to know your opinion, especially as there are several published posts with only one photo and everyone can add further photos. I’m currently not motivated to write additional articles what always needs some time as the editors asks me to make a second trip to these site only to take some further pictures. So what do you think?

Hey @Auxburg, our apologies for the confusion with the note you received. We never intended for that message to come across as though we were requesting you to go take more photos, as we don’t want anyone to feel as though they need to do any additional work. We just wanted to know if you had any additional photos in your cache that can be uploaded so that we can better showcase and promote this entry. We are ok with publishing entries that include one photo, but like to have three to fill out the photo carousel.

Again, my personal apologies if that email made it seem as though we were demanding more photos. We are in the process of reevaluating the language on our response templates for this reason. We just think that the entry was well written and fits well with the Atlas vision and wanted to make sure it gets the proper treatment. Which should have been better conveyed to you in the email, so again apologies there. We hope this doesn’t dissuade you from contributing as we truly appreciate your work as well as everyone who makes the Atlas what it is today.

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Dear Jonathan, thanks for the explanation.

Maybe you also find some time to check the interface to google maps: In some cases, the city is not saved, although it was visible on the form itself. (e.g., not yet published): Entries with coordinates show the right location on AtlasObscura but don’t hand over the correct location to google maps if you use the links.

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