Oatman AZ White Supremacists

I drove into Oatman AZ last week, and I just wanted to let people who were considering going know that several of the shops there sell 3 Percenter flags, Confederate flags, etc. I just wanted to mention this so that people know about it before they decide whether to go or not. I didn’t enter any of the shops because of the displays of White Supremacist symbols, nor did I interact with anyone in the town. I hung out with a couple of donkeys and left.


What a shame (for your trip and the town). Appreciate the heads-up.


Was just in Oatman last week, and had the same experience. One shop in particular that is very near the public restroom had a LOT of this type of merchandise - almost everything in the store was related to this or was political in nature.


Yes, I noticed that too, at least from the outside of the shop.


I stepped in…saw that…and immediately stepped right back out. The donkeys were cool, though!

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What a shame! Oatman used to be such a fun little stop. Back in the 90s, my husband and I even once spent the night in the old Oatman Hotel (an experience we still talk about, but would not want to repeat). It was always one of those places that seemed “rough & ready”, but back then it seemed mostly all in fun. Politics have ruined so many things. Thanks for the heads up.