Obscure music thread


Please share your favorite music that you’ve discovered recently.

Lately I’ve been finding new music to listen to on Youtube and Spotify. Here are a couple of my recent favorites:

Elaine has a very lovely and soothing voice. Check out her channel to listen to more of her songs.

On the more upbeat tempo, this song has been my Wednesday Humpday Anthem.


Good post !


A few months back I discovered the Dungeon Synth Archives on YouTube, and I haven’t really left since…


Got to love the dungeon synth ! love it !


I love a good concept album. For a heavy-hitting example, checkout One Pig by Matthew Herbert. Herbert recorded scene from the life of a single pig, from birth to slaughter, and set it against a soundscape that will give you nightmares.


I hadn’t heard this track since I was a kid, and I rediscovered it recently. I really love seeing the artifacts of prior generations discovering ideas that, decades later, are relatively commonplace. The concept of “Zen” was far more loaded when I encountered it some time in the 90s, almost a totally different thing than what Todd Rundgren is working with here:

Bonus points for Patti Smith’s review at the album’s release in 1973: “Blasphemy even the gods smile on. Rock and roll for the skull. A very noble concept. Past present and tomorrow in one glance. Understanding through musical sensation. Todd Rundgren is preparing us for a generation of frenzied children who will dream in animation.” (A Wizard, a True Star - Wikipedia)


Oh I love this thread already. Some new retro wave!


Wow… that sounds pretty intense …


Wanted to just say excellent post, as well! Someone just shared The Caretaker last week - these are gorgeous, haunting, ambient edits of Jazz Age 78s that explore memory loss through a series 6 albums. Very, very good stuff.


My favourite band for some years is called Steam Powered Giraffe. They describe themselves as a musical pantomime act and their gimmick is that they’re robots who were built in 1896! They paint their faces and do robot sounds and music throughout their performance. They’ve got an elaborate backstory and comic but you really don’t need to know anything about them to enjoy their music.

This video is really dated (they’ve since changed out the gold robot and the copper one has changed genders and colors) but it’s a classic that has been the introduction to many a fan: YouTube


oh, I love them, Honeybee and pretty much all the songs on the 2¢ Show album are great.


Oh my God, YES! I try to see them live whenever possible! :robot:


Oh, I am so excited about this thread!

I get to share my best, best festival find ever in the middle of the Netherlands called “The Best Kept Secret” and my favorite new band:



This might be a weird way to discover new music, but pretty much everything recommended in the Jason Mantzoukas episode of What’s In My Bag?, is at least semi-obscure and amazing. Among the highlights, Thai street band Khun Narin, Hop Along, and Alice Coltrane. There’s also some good movie recs in there (Howard the Duck, The Friends of Eddie Coyle). h/t @lexberko


YES, there’s so much goodness here.
What’s In My Bag? is so so good for music discovery.


New discovery today. Perfect for Friday Funk.


I love this album!


How did I not know about this?! Love it!


Turns out this is a hard one to find in the streamable online space. But here is a sample track from ONE PIG.


How about Krokodil?! They rocked!