Ohio Valley-Style Pizza

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Please, please don’t allow that picture to be your first impression of Ohio Valley Style Pizza! I don’t want to eat that pizza based on the photo and I grew up there.
Also, while some shops might blend their cheese topping with mozzarella, provolone cheese is a stand out and a must on the pizza as well. The cheese has a far richer taste then standard mozzarella.

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Wow. This sounds like it was written by someone who has NEVER tasted this style of pizza.

This is a version of a Sicilian style pizza, where the crust is baked only with tomato sauce. Where do you get the idea that this is unseasoned tomato sauce? The sauce is definitely seasoned.

The cheese and toppings are added afterward, and they are steam heated in the box. Most of these pizza places are carry out only, so by the time you carry your pizza home, it is good and melty, and the other toppings are heated through.

One of the more appealing parts of this pizza is how different (and delicious) the cheese and toppings taste when they are merely melted instead of baked.

Ohio valley pizza is the a celebration of pizza, three chords and the truth. Great dough, a stripped down sauce and a mountain of provolone, ugly delicious and amazing.