Old Sarajevo Clock Tower

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That information about Sahat-kula being bulit in the 17th century, I would love to know where you got this info, since we actually have no idea when it was built nor who built it, but definitely much much older that 17. century.
Also, ''in my almost 50 years in Sarajevo I have never ever heard anyone call it ‘‘The Little Ben’’.

Thanks for the info @hamanshaman71 as with all place entries they are user-generated content, and anyone from the Atlas community can submit edits to an entry that will directly reach our database editors. I have updated the entry to reflect that it more than likely dates back to the 16th-century, as well as the moniker. From my research, the Little Ben moniker derived from Gillett & Bland, a London based clock manufacturer who replaced the clock’s mechanism around the mid-19th-century. Here are a few links that talks more about it. Thanks again for the update and information.
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