Olympic Black Power Statue

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The Olympic Black Power Statue in San Jose commemorating the Black Power protest by Tommy Smith and John Carlos at the 1968 Olympics doesn’t include an image of silver medallist and Australian Peter Norman. Apparently he asked to be left off it so people could stand with Smith and Carlos in his place.
Not well known is that Norman, a Salvation Army officer, was also a fierce competitor who liked to unsettle his competitors before a race by chatting with them. He wanted them to know he was there beside them, competing with them.
He told the story of how, at that Olympic final, he worked through his competitors one by one as they prepared for the start out on the track. But John Carlos was totally focussed and apparently unreachable despite Norman’s efforts. They went down on the blocks and Norman had missed his chance - until the phone under the starter’s stand rang out to signal from the finish line that the track was clear for a start. “John, that’s for you!”, called Norman. Carlos’s head snapped up, then down.
The rest, was they say, is history. Smith won, Norman edged Carlos out for silver and then joined the two Americans on the Olympic podium while they made their stand. All three paid a heavy price for their actions but none regretted what they did.
There was an afterthought. The men became firm friends and once, years later, Norman was having a drink at a bar with Carlos when the phone behind the bar rang. “That’s for you, John!”, said Norman. This time Carlos burst out laughing.