Olympic National Forest


I’m heading to Olympic National Forest in late March. We will be there about 4 days. We love to do easy hiking trails. I would love suggestions for where to start and what are the must sees. We will be flying into Seattle and driving to the park. We possibly might be renting a small RV rather than looking for hotels.


I loved in Sequim for about 9 years and love the Olympic peninsula. You probably have done much research on what to do/see, but for my 2 cents worth I’m happy to tell you that the Hurricane Ridge hiking trail is lovely and fairly easy. Don’t miss the Hoh Rain Forest. Your idea for renting a small RV is good, but be aware that the traffic on US 101 can be maddening. And hook-ups may be hard to find. Near Forks, which gets lots and lots of rain, there was an older park hotel where we stayed on one trip. Lovely and historic. The Lodge at Lake Crescent was good for lunch, but I can’t remember if they rented rooms or not. Have a wonderful trip and report back.


You probably know that Olympic National Park is known for three distinct environments: high country, rainforest and coast. Most accessible for beginners would be Hurricane Ridge, Hoh rainforest and Kalaloch beach. Adventurers looking for off the beaten track would opt for Deer Park, Quinault rainforest, and Rialto beach.


I came into this thread directionally challenged… I was like “there’s another one???”.

Seconding Lake Crescent/Forks/all the forests and beaches out by La Push. I don’t think there’s any nitrogen in the water of Lake Crescent, which makes the water stunningly clear. Spruce Railroad Trail is a very flat, very photogenic trail in that area.

Olympic Hot Springs is in the park. Olympic Game Farm is something of a draw but your mileage may vary (kinda bums me out personally). Definitely check the Atlas for anywhere in this area you travel to, I’ve found it’s pretty comprehensive!