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Based on the idea that @coolcrab had about a place to share unpublished submissions, I thought I’d start this post as a slight variant to share places that may or may not be or become “atlas-worthy.” I imagine that like many of you, I keep a running list of places and things I plan to visit and potentially submit, but some of them are a bit far outside my “easily accessible” range, so I thought I’d share them here in case someone else can get there first:

  • “The Storyteller” (aka Buckman)- a pagan-inspired statue in Buckhead/Atlanta, GA whose own story is now a sad tale about urbanization and the displacement of woodland creatures.

  • Casa Casuarina - Versace’s Mansion in Miami (I plan to get to this one some time within the next year) - the luxurious home where high fashion lived and tragically died.

  • Young American - I just read about this one this morning, so I’m not sure if it will turn into anything really “wounderous” but the article in the Chicago Reader did pique my interest: “The upcoming barstaurant from Leisure Activities will serve up life, wellness, freshness, and death.”

If you happen to check any of these out, or if there are some places on your own radar, I’d be interested in hearing about them.


Those sound amazing, and this is a great idea. @Kerry_Wolfe! @Nikki_Vargas!


I think that it is good to make a page for places that are a maybe. Some pictures and text usually help. Distance and accessibility never really were an issue for me, sometimes the traveller just has to make the extra mile. :slight_smile:

I just added this place. It’s unique enough to fit I think. Do you agree?


Hey CoolCrab,
Thanks for reaching out! I’ll DM you to discuss this particular place entry.


Thanks! Here is two more:


Hey again CoolCrab!

We’ve created a dedicated forum space to ask questions about pending submissions:

If you have questions for us about any of your submitted places, please drop them in there, or again, send them to the places@atlasobscura.com email. Thanks again for being a part of the forums and your patience while we improve them!


Awesome! Should I repost or post the new stuff there?

I like how you guys are pushing this forum to be great :slight_smile:


Thank you for being a part of the forums (and for your patience while we tweak them to make them better)! No need to repost the ones you’ve already posted, but in the future, that is the conversation you should post them to.