Orkney Islands


My family and I will be traveling to the Orkney Islands, specifically, Kirkwall next September. I’ve been told to bring water/windproof clothing and shoes, but I was wondering if anyone had any first hand experience of the weather and temperature at that time of year. (My husband seems to think he needs to suit up as if he were traveling to the top of the Artic Circle.) Thanks!


This will only be moderately helpful as I visited in July, but I understand the temperature range of the island to be quite narrow, and relatively mild. That said, there is a lot of wind and rain, so my suggestion would be to dress for the wetness, not the cold. I think layers (with the outer one being waterproof) is your best bet.

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I am from Orkney, and September tends to be quite mild - but it could be rain & wind or it could be beautiful weather! So definitely bring warmer clothes, but layer up so you can dress down too. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the assist, @clarissal!


Thank you! I’m definitely shopping for rain gear.


Thank you! I’m really looking forward to our visit.


I have been to the Orkneys in June, and have travelled to the Inner and Outer Hebrides, Iona, etc. My stock outfit was a yellow slicker, along with yellow slicker trousers, because we were exploring flora and fauna and were almost always outside. The trick is to layer beneath the slicker (a shirt and sweater). I was never uncomfortable. Have fun!

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I was going to look for a good slicker and shoes/boots, but waterproof pants didn’t occur to me - thanks very much for the info!

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