Overlooked Plaques, Memorials, and Monuments

Thanks Eric. I’ve always felt that here in Canada we are silent about our history and ‘heroes’. In the States you celebrate John Paul Jones as the Father of the US Navy, and the world hears about it. Just as it should be. We need to be proud of our past and those who shaped it.

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When I was a child, my grandmother owned land next to an old cemetery, which we would look out at while working on her garden.
Years later, long after my grandmother’s time and after her land had been sold, the area became built up and paved over. I wondered what had happened to the old cemetery, so much so that I contacted the county to see if anyone there knew about it. They did, indeed.
Aux Plaine cemetery dated from the 1830’s to some of the first European settlers in the area and founders of the town.
Unfortunately, historic preservation succumbed to development. Although a few of the bodies were moved to another cemetery and a memorial plaque was placed there with some of the names, most of the old cemetery was simply paved over. A plaque within sight of the new Chase bank marks the spot. You can read about it here:

And see a picture of the plaque here:


I have lived in the Greater Boston area for 35 years and still haven’t seen this plaque. The Edgar Allen Poe birthplace plaque is also pretty overlooked on the side of a BOLOCO burrito shop.


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“Stolpersteine” paving stones in sidewalks are placed around central Berlin to denote where Jewish people lived before the war. Wall plaques on buildings do the same.


These are terrific @viajero213! I’m going to move your post over to the main thread on overlooked plaques here:

First written mention of baseball in the US. All over a few broken windows.


no comment on this plaque at Duval Streey, Key West, FL. :slight_smile:


Haha, that’s incredible.

Gah! We need a whole category for momentous events that have been swallowed by progress.

In Madison, Wisconsin there is a plaque that honors the place where Elvis Presley broke up a fight karate style outside of a gas station. AO already has a listing for it, but the randomness of it deserves a second mention.



That is awesome lol. Ohhh Florida lol

I read about this place the other day which pretty much meets the criteria for being overlooked and its also just really bizarre.


I almost want to go and see it or find out some more about its history , but my gut feeling is that its probably just based on a colourful local myth.

The link doesn’t seem to lead to any more information. What’s the myth?

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Still not sure if it is a myth or just a very strange incident that actually happened , but basically its an elaborately eccentric tomb in a Scottish graveyard somewhere in the highlands that commemorates two children who were killed by a Scottish wildcat while walking to school in the 1700’s.

I know that our European wildcat is notoriously fierce but somehow I just can’t image one taking down two children for prey , it seems like a bit of a tall tale , but I’ll see what I can find on the story.

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That sounds, well… wild.

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Yeah … certainly does … It strikes me as something that should go in the Atlas too

This plaque is located about a foot above the sidewalk on W. Church Street, Ukiah, in Mendocino County, CA. It’s easily overlooked.


I added this one to HMDB and Google Maps (way to go, me). Keir Refinery. It’s in an itty bitty little green space on the edge of downtown Pgh near the Cantini murals (one I submitted to AO that wasn’t published… boo) and there was’t much about it to be found so hopefully I’m helping get the word out.

First commercial refinery. How about that?


I found a match to this plaque on a fence in New Orleans when I was there in 2001.


On an otherwise unrelated building on the corner of LaSalle and Jackson in downtown Chicago is a plaque marking the site where the US’s time zone system was adopted.