"Pablo Escobar’s Hippo Herd Is Treating Colombia’s Lakes Like One Big Toilet" Discussion Thread

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Interesting and gross all at the same time.

I find the slant of the story disturbing. The hippos are innocent. Their poop may not be nice, but then whose is? An intervention is needed, and the article would be more helpful if it had solicited wild life charities to intervene on the hippos behalf instead of demonizing them.

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There doesn’t appear to me to be a problem that isn’t solely in the eye of the beholder. The solution to me seems possibly quite simple.

(A) Pablo Escobar was able to transport the animals because he made millions, if not billions. $4500 to transport an animal out of millions is a pittance. Who took the money when he was killed? The government? Well, the government can jolly well pay from that bounty. Oh, I know, governments like to hoard money. So, we should embarrass TPTB into releasing the funds. And by “We” I mean an international collection of animal welfare/conservationist charities. Start publicizing the problem across the media internationally.

(B) That being said, even if the Colombian government refuses to do the right thing, there are millionaires & billionaires across the globe, one of whom might take an interest in the well being of these exotic animals, just as eccentric Escobar did.

(C ) These animals originate in sub-Saharan Africa. Well, they have a native land where they can be carefully reintroduced. In fact, reintroduction to an existing African herd would improve the gene pool. No, I don’t know anything about hippo herd behavior, but it’s a more constructive thought than killing them.