Pacific Northwest High Strangeness?



I will be doing a solo trip to Portland and the Pacific Northwest next month (Feb. 8-12, 2019), and would love advice on some spooky/haunted areas, or places with high strangeness! While I will be using public transit in the city, I’m completely open to renting a car, but my trips need to be day trips, beginning and ending in Portland. Also, any places need to be safe for a solo traveler. So I probably won’t go Sasquatch hunting in the middle of the remote Cascade wilderness :rofl: UFO activity, hauntings, vortexes, whatever I’m down!


You can visit the witch house on the trail up to the Pittock Mansion. I believe it can be found by walking the Mclean trail? You may want to verify first. I do think it is pretty cool, despite the growing graffiti on it the last few years.
There is the woodstock hole, I actually live on woodstock, but I think this is shut down. May be worth trying to get him to let you in. Actually, msg me if you do, I’d be down to check it out.
I really love the rimsky korsikov (sp?) place, kinda cool/weird/spooky atmosphere.
I will see if I can muster up anything else. The city itself is weird and I am part of the crew that are keeping it that way!


Thanks benlat, I’m definitely going to spend time in Forest Park, been to PDX many times yet somehow haven’t been! The mystery hole has always intrigued me, it might be worth a shot to try to contact that guy. I will definitely let youknow what I find out.