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Every spring on the strip of I-95 North that runs through Springfield, MA, the local grocery chain, Big Y, raises a billboard that says “Pączki!” to advertise their (admittedly inferior) bumper crop of these donuts.


Those presented Paczki have never been seen in the Metro Detroit area in my 69 years of divulging.

Does anyone know of any good ones in the Syracuse NY area? The ones at Price Chopper are horrible. The Big Y (MA) version is better IMO.

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What, only a month to go, hurrah!

I have lived in Lublin, in eastern Poland for over twenty years, and while the bakeries selling pączki can be busy on THE day, the queues are not long as they are sold in so many places. Like anywhere, it helps to know where the best bakeries are, though, for that ideal experience.

To be honest, pączki are just like the doughnuts I was eating in England, back in the sixties and seventies, even down to the colour, flavour, filling and coating. On the other hand, THEY ARE JUST LIKE THE ONES I USED TO EAT… :smile:

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