Palazzo Dario

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Palazzo Dario is currently under a complete refurb and is being converted into plush apartments. About 2 years ago, a priest was brought in to exorcise the building and bless it. This was the palazzo used in the James Bond movie shot in Venice.


The cursed house claimed another victim when British scientist Radon Brown became its owner. After having the house for only four years, he suffered financial difficulties and his romantic relationship with another man was discovered. The scandal affected him so much that in 1842 he died by suicide in the palace with his partner (some speculate that the deaths were a murder-suicide).

Utter nonsense. Rawdon (not “Radon”) Brown was not a scientist, he was an historian. He not only did not die by suicide at Ca’ Dario, he moved from there to Ca’ Ferro and ultimately to the Palazzo Gussoni-Grimani-della-Vida, where he died in 1883 at the age of 77.