Papermoon Diner

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While the place is fairly cute, be forewarned that the food is not terribly good and the service is generally downright bad. A real shame because it has potential.


I’ve eaten at Paper Moon Diner several times, the last was in October 0f 2017. It is the perfect place to eat after visiting the American Visionary Art Museum because the place is capital V visionary. Plan to spend some time checking out all of the sculptural artifacts decorating the grounds before you go in. The vintage toys, housewares and other kitsch inside has something to match everyone’s childhood era and obsession and make for great viewing and conversation with your meal. The food is equally over the top comfort food. Not nouvelle cuisine or the latest health craze. Just well prepared pancakes, french toast, burgers & chicken of your dreams. I love it and am now so sad that my Baltimore visits are no longer on a regular basis!