Paris and Beaune for 9 nights

Hope this is the correct place to post this as I am new to this wonderful resource…We will be traveling to Paris for the first time, meeting our daughter who is studying abroad in Copenhagen. She will be arriving very late Fri and have only Sat and most of the day on Sunday to see as many highlights in Paris as are possible with us. Then we (husband and I) will stay on from Mon - Sun.
Dates are mid to late October. Thinking of staying in Paris for a few days and then heading to Beaune/Dijon and back to Paris for our flight home to NY. How should we do this?! Train? Rent a car? Where should we go? Stay? Eat/Drink? Also any advice on the wisest/best things to do with daughter for those first 2 days in Paris would be greatly appreciated!

Not sure about the travel arrangements to Beaune, but happy to point to my favorite off-the-beaten path sites in Paris that appear in Atlas Obscura:

And this is a bit more touristy and obvious, but still plenty gobsmacking:

Reviewing my list, I realize it’s quite macabre. So here’s a happier place to check out (and enjoy a drink):

And not in the Atlas, but two great places to eat:

  1. For a new Paris experience:
  2. For a classic Paris experience: Le Grand Colbert
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Thank you so much Tyler!!! Can’t wait to go to Deyrolle!! And restaurant suggestions are wonderful! So appreciative :slight_smile:

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