Park Güell

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Park Guell is located at a higher ground. The climb uphill took us about 15 minutes. There are entry time slots that are provided on the tickets. You are not going to be allowed inside before your scheduled time slot, however once in there are are no time-related restrictions. Park Güell, created by Catalonia’s brilliant artist Antoni Gaudí, is more like a dream crafted into reality, this was declared a World Heritage Site in 1984 and the park attracts around three million visitors every year. Around its edge runs a great undulating bench, that is covered with trencadís mosaics, this is a rage amongst the tourists as this place offers a panoramic view of the cityscape, on a clear and sunny day one can easily see up to the blue borders of Barcelona. This is a must-go-to place for taking photographs of Barcelona, especially at sunset. If you want to know in detail about our experience of Park Guell, you can visit our blog the link of which given below