Park of the Sleepless - El Parque de los Desvelados

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We went to the Park of the Sleepless October 2, 2019. As stated it was a hike uphill all the way. There is a narrow single car road if you dare to drive up further than the parking lot. If someone is coming the other way it may be difficult to pass. The church ruins that are mentioned fooled us because they looked nothing like a church to us. Several kindly neighbours tried to help us but mentioning skulls (in English) didn’t ring a bell for them. Try crania or use the Spanish name Parque de los Desvelados!
The location given in the post will take you to the parking lot. Then you can see clues in the pictures I have posted that will help you navigate the rest of the way. It is a little over 2 km from the parking lot to the park. Be warned that only two of the installations are in good shape. We were a bit disappointed that things have fallen into such disrepair but we were glad we were able to find the park.

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Thank you so much for sharing your adventure and posting these helpful photos!