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Ideal TV & Movie production shooting site,
B&B Inn, for rallies?? Living History use.
Whole town is a Museum

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I hope they do a video feature on this town, I’m sure the town is hauntingly beautiful, the article is a great tease haha.


It’s called the Borscht Belt and there are many towns in the Catskills like this with the same story. I am glad I grew up and experienced the beauty of the river, valley and mountains in this area.


A beautiful location close to NYC. I’m surprised that the town hasn’t bounced back. Places like Hudson have become a weekend retreat for city people. Perhaps this town is too far gone to revitalize. It’s a shame.

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To write of Liberty, NY and not mention the Borsch Belt is like writing about Vatican City without mentioning the Catholic Church.


I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS…Parksville, New York, is the nearest community to where my family had our 95-acre summer place. We went up there every weekend in summer.

I know Parksville very well…it had our Post Office, our Dairy King (which did “land mine business” on Route 17), and a small restaurant we ate in, and Pamela Moore, “the lady auctioneer.” The drugstore shown in the photo was the Greyhound Bus Stop. The mayor was Russell Fiddle, and the whole place was run by the Fiddle family.

Every year we went there, a few more buildings would have vanished. I guess Russell Fiddled while Parksville vanished.

We owned the property when Poppy’s vanished (we ate there a few times), and the drug store shut down. I am very upset about the Dari-King being gone…they made GREAT Ice Cream.

The Paramount Hotel was up Tanzman Road, which led to a hamlet called “Tanzville.”

The whole Borscht Belt resort industry fell on its posterior when it had to compete with casinos, theme parks, and the jet age. It was supported by New York Jews fleeing the Lower East Side and Bronx tenements – hence the synagogue.

The other thing about Parksville, was that it was the only exit on the Route 17 Quickway that was a traffic light-controlled intersection.

I love this town, such as it is.


It’s a strange place…there are still people there. And a tiny little WW2 memorial. The whole Fiddle family is on it. They came back.


Liberty is NOT a ghost town, though. But Liberty does deserve its own entry.

Interestingly, that’s where I had my first encounter with anti-Semitism, at age 13, when I met a girl who was busily painting the O&W Station that her father owned (by then a bar). I wanted to discover the great mystery of life, and as we talked, she told me she hated Jews, and said she’d heard they had horns.

I told her I was Jewish, and had “one big horn,” then walked off. Too bad…she was cute. Frilly short shorts.

Sadly, the beautiful train station/bar suffered a horrid fate. It was burned down. Doubtless the owner had profit trouble. Arson-for-profit was SOP in the Borscht Belt. Fires would start in buildings at 3 a.m. when nobody was around, and the volunteer Fire Departments would cover up the cause for a portion of the insurance payment.


I worked one summer at Camp Beaumont,a few miles up the hill towards Franklin Lake in 1967. Parksville was already becoming fairly ghostly at that point. I drove through a few years ago, out of curiosity, and there were metaphorical tumbleweeds blowing down the deserted main street.

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