Pasadena Cheeseburger Plaque

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As a resident of the neighboring community of Eagle Rock, I beg to differ. Eagle Rock is defined by the blue shading in this photo. Eagle Rock also claims the glory associated with the cheeseburger. The city boundaries in 1924 were not well defined and the original location probably lies under the pavement of the Barrack Obama Freeway (CA 134) which replaced the original Route 66/Colorado Blvd.

As you can see from the city provided map… there is uncertainty.

Nice try, but even your blue map shows Pasadena on the south side of Colorado Boulevard, which is where the Rite Spot stood 95 years ago. Almost Eagle Rock doesn’t count, sorry. Rite_Spot_Original g)

Yes, the Rite Spot was still there after the freeway was built. I have lived in Eagle Rock since 1963 and remember passing by on the way to shop in Pasadena. It was upgraded by then, being a family restaurant rather than a roadside stand as in the picture. I think it was twinned with a nightclub called the Nightwatch that my parents visited sometimes, but that was all so long ago I don’t really remember all that well any more.