Paulding Light

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While I haven’t specifically been here, I’ve watched several TV shows about this location and worked with digital topographic and elevation maps and it is most likely a road line-up where you see distant car headlights. Several other locations I’ve been to are like this but not all so this is not a blanket statement. Each location like Marfa TX and the Joplin MO spooklight is a different mix of phenomena. It is still an interesting optical effect.

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I’ve been there and witnessed it. It is not headlights or airplanes. Neither have lights like this

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I can second that it is definitely not car lights. I’ve been there many times. I remember one night watching the light bounce back and forth just past the creek for a good 15 minutes. It’s easy for people to brush it off, but if you spend enough time there, you’ll see things that can’t be explained away easily.