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Grandparents in eastern KY had a Pawpaw tree growing in the back of their house. Loved when the fruit would ripen. If not eaten by the kids, they just were left to fall to the ground. Miss that taste.

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I grew up in MD and recall eating pawpaw fruits we found when hiking in the woods. Now I live in MI. I see many pawpaw trees when walking in the woods, but I never see any fruit. Curious.

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There’s a PawPaw Festival in Ohio each year in September.

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When we were kids in the 1950’s we used to sing a song in grade school that had the line, “picking up Pawpaws, putting them in a basket”. I’m from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and had no idea what a Pawpaw was.

I’ve been looking to try a pawpaw since I live in PA and I figured it would be cool to try a fruit native to here that I never heard of until this year. I was walking my dog and started talking to one of my neighbors from down the street. Apparently, right now, September, is pawpaw season, and he actually had two pawpaw trees in his back yard he’s been growing for like 15 years and I never knew it. Long story short, the fruit is great, I would describe the ones I had as a cross between a banana and a mango.