Pending Approval of Place Addition

I added my first place, but it’s been pending approval for months and I just wanted to know if someone had reviewed it yet? Or if it needs better photos/a better description? If anyone lives in the Midwest/Ohio, feel free to edit and add more detail.

I thought it was very timely, as the Cuyahoga River celebrates 50 years from catching on fire. Thanks, I’m new here and not sure how this process is supposed to work!

Hey @Cleverlyengaged! I’m sorry to hear that your contribution has not been looked at yet. The editors will take a look now and we’ll be in touch shortly. Thanks again for reaching out!

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River on fire…that’s almost impossible to imagine!

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It was technically the oil on top of the river mixed with other pollutants that caught on fire. Damaged several bridges, but it used to happen frequently.

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Very beautifull place)