Penn Hills Resort

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Does anyone know if this place still exists (in 2020)? It sounds fascinating enough to visit this weekend when we are in the Poconos. Please advise! Thanks.

It is indeed still here in 2020.

It’s there. But in rough shape for sure. It’s been victim of lots of vandalism and destruction and fires. A homeless person in the area is said to be there often. A new owner I think Has secured the area a bit more but we were able to get through the fence. But there is active cameras.

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Visited January 2020. The place is completely trashed. I’ve passed this place since I was younger and I don’t remember it ever looking this bad. I think they will probably tear it down soon, which is why I wanted to check it out myself before they do. It was a short trip because a construction truck stopped in front of it for a while so I didn’t have much time to explore. If you are going I recommend bringing a back up partner to watch, also you never know who will be there so it is a good idea to not be alone.