Pensacola Futuro House

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If you like round/dome houses and such also check out the concrete dome nearby the Futuro:

Up for sale in 2017, might still be? Dome of a Home for sale | Monolithic Dome Institute
Not saying I’m a sneaky-peeky but once after a storm there were no garage doors and it was possible to just drive through it. Who am I kidding, I am a sneaky-peeky and did that. No domes were harmed.

Another well rounded place to stay is a few hours east on the sound at Port St Joe. An area more known a little more for fishing less than wide beaches. I chatted with the owner of these dome homes for a bit, nice guy, said his only regret was not building more of them. If you want to rent one of his look up Bayrock 1 a Cape San Blas Vacation Rental. Picture below of the main dome, there is also a small one and one that he lives in.