People of the Atlas!


Was talking to a friend about how awesome Atlas Obscura is, and how we who love it are a pretty awesome kind of people… but what are we called? Atlasians? Obscurans? What ideas do you have?

I suggest: Obscuranauts!


I like that.


Haha You’ve discovered one of the great internal struggles of Atlas Obscura, what do we call our readers, staff, and fans. This question has been bounced around for years, and I’m excited to hear people’s suggestions. Personally I’m fond of AO Explorers, Obscurians, Order of the Obscure, probably some others I’m forgetting. Love to hear more!


We’ve been noodling this for about 10 years and somehow never thought of obscuranauts. That’s pretty darn good.


I would say we are Obscurians.


We’re probably (inevitably? )destined to be one of those groups who goes by many names throughout history. Obscurans, sure, but also “Navigators of the Forgotten Roads.”

Something in Esperanto, eventually?


“Wanderers On Unknown Shores,” it’s a bit lengthy, but it has a certain poetry.




Obscurians! It has the ring of some kind of secret society.


Obsure means not discovered or known about; uncertain or keep from being seen; conceal. So an Obsurian could to some might be person who has something to hide. while Atlas Obsura is the atlas of the not well known. According to Wiktionary, obsura means feminine singular of obscur. Names like Obsurador, Obsuraist, Obsurast all have the same double meaning. Thus the name would need some form of a modifier to clarify its meaning. Obsuranon or Obsuranone might be such a name.


Ah, good point! These kind of discussions are why I love Atlas Obscura.


Love Obscurist and Obscuranon!


Whalebones - after my first and favorite AO place




Obscurians is my preference. truth212, the local Raleigh soccer fan club us “the Dead Whales Society”, after this:


Very cool story. Thanks for sharing. Big NC fan.




I vote Obscurians!


This might be my new favorite.


I favor “Obscuranauts” because we are travelers into the obscure.