People of the Atlas!


Love Obscurist and Obscuranon!


Whalebones - after my first and favorite AO place




Obscurians is my preference. truth212, the local Raleigh soccer fan club us “the Dead Whales Society”, after this:


Very cool story. Thanks for sharing. Big NC fan.




I vote Obscurians!


This might be my new favorite.


I favor “Obscuranauts” because we are travelers into the obscure.




Ooo, very subtle pun. I like it.


The Obscure.


Yes, this one has some gravitas.


Gravitas of run-of-the-mill rock bands circa 1960s…and early 2000s. :sunglasses:


I vote Obscuranauts, though I wouldn’t say no to “The order of the Atlas” as such:

Obscuranaut Katie, of the Order of the Atlas


I must say, Atlobs :globe_with_meridians: is short and to the point!


Thanks, you’re good to say that.


I prefer AO readers and travelers. Any creepy, geeky labels turn me away, remind me this could be a site for couch travelers only. Everybody would be an AO fan if they knew about it. Share it.


Many like me were AO fans prior to it becoming a travel related site. I liked the obscure aspects of it in that it provided locations I could map for students, couch travelers and travel agent itineraries. Also many of the places I mapped are way too dangerous for the average traveler. And many of the places covered by AO are beyond my and others affordability. So if you make AO a non-couch traveler site, only the rich will use it. That may make sense since Disney, Ford and GM apply the 80-20 Pareto Principle where 80% of your sales or income are generated by 20% of its customer base and so they are limiting production and raising prices to limit its customer base. It means less staff to manage, less product to maintain and sell, less customers to deal with and more profits due to the reduced expenses. And, like most web site analytics, 50% of the first-time visits are only slightly interested and leave within one minute or less. So the likely outcome is that only 20% are die-hard AO readers. But consider this couch travel among them.


I’d have to go with Obscurians.