Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris

Hello Fellow Taphophiles,

'Looking to enjoy images and anecdotes posted about people’s experiences while visiting this world famous cemetery. To start off, I think the female grieving figures are some of the most amazing funerary sculptures in Pere-Lachaise. Here is one of my favorites. What are yours?


My college age daughter insisted that we visit Pere Lachaise on my first (and her third) trip to Paris. We found it hauntingly beautiful.
Being from the Midwest, I was first struck by the lack of green, there is no grass.
Of course, we had to see the iconic images - Oscar Wilde’s damaged and lipstick-covered sculpture, Jim Morrison’s grave with security. (after leaving, we pointed one person to his obvious destination, without asking where he was headed).
We hunted and hunted for the grave of Alice B. Toklas before discovering that she was buried with Gertrude Stein. We had to look at both sides of the headstone to figure this out.
These are my favorites, although I can only identify the Buchenwald one. It is my understanding but I might be quite wrong, that the graves here must be attended in some form or they risk being disinterred and the space used for someone else.



There are many images that tick a lot of boxes, & of course the entire section devoted to the victims of the Holocaust are among the most impactful. I found the grave of Eitenne-Gaspard Robertson, “Physique, Fantamasgorie, & Aerostats” the most fascinating for detail and otherworldly depictions.


These are some of my favorites examples of funerary sculpture. Thank you for identifying the tomb as that of Robertson. Terrific photos.

Here are a few of my photos from the amazing Père-Lachaise Cemetery


These are wonderful images, Carolina. What time of year were they taken?

Thank you, the pictures were taken in late September. What an amazing place.