I will be traveling to Peru and Bolivia in June and will be there for three months. Looking for the best way to travel thru Peru starting at Iquitos and ending in Bolivia. How long should I stay in each place? Unique Spots to go to, spots to eat, etc.


Years ago I found a list of the top travel agents and their email addresses in a Conde Nast article about ancient ruins in South Amercia and I contacted each of them about using this interactive map of the Ancient Ruins of South and Central America to make itineraries for their South American travelers. I instantly got thousands of travel agent web site visits that summer on this map alone.


My friends Daisy & Robert Kunstaetter live in Ecuador and have published several guides along those lines. Amazon carries some of their stuff.


I can’t recommend the Q’eswachaka Rope Bridge highly enough. It is the last Incan bridge of its type left on earth. Not just to stop by but to spend some time at, stay in the local village. Each year the bridge is taken down and re-woven in a big festival. The local villages come together, and weave an entirely new bridge. It tends to be in mid-June so if you could time your trip for that, it would be an unbelievable event to experience!


Another article about it:


It’s so hard to tell you where to go, what you’ll love. Some people love places over others - you just need to feel and explore. I personally loved Arequipa more than Cusco, where my friend loved cusco.

This is what my current form of South America is in - i need to change the format because it’s a bit annoying but take a look and i’m happy to help with any questions!