Phinney Park Air Raid Tower

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8/20/18 - There was plenty of parking in the lot in the afternoon. Pretty easy to walk around and check it out. It would be nice if there were more signage given the significance of this period of history.

Many who were alive in the 50s and 60s offered their recollections from the period when I posted it on social media.

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I know from painful experience that the siren was still working in the late 1980s: I was with 2nd graders (including my daughter) at the Woodland Park Zoo in the Great Ape pavilion, or whatever it was called then, when the weekly “practice signal” at noon began blasting. The poor animals began screaming in pain, which added to the fright of the children. (It was a sad reminder, too, of my own childhood of learning how to duck-and-cover at school when we heard this same signal. The Russians were coming…)