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I found a picarones mix in a box that has all plant based ingredients. Instead of egg there is starch. No dairy either. Came out well. Will devise a vegan recipe based on the mix.

I especially appreciated the brief history lesson included with the appetizing description of these sweet treats! :yum:

Looks like the ideal treat to have with some coffee. Iā€™m fond of sweet potatoes baked, in pies, with nuts, brown sugar. The best of both worlds with a fried dough and SUGAR. Thanks for this. Would love to find (prior comment by kiai)~ picarones mix.

I am fascinated by how similar picarones are to the ā€œkueh/kuih keriaā€ of the Malays in Singapore and Malaysia. Look it up! I love how fried dough as a delicious food is found in many versions in so many parts of the world. :yum: