Pie Barm

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it’s odd, because a pie itself is self contained, but go figure

I don’t think that the origin of humble pie comes from this though, according to Wikipedia …

“The expression derives from umble pie , a pie filled with the chopped or minced parts of a beast’s ‘pluck’ – the heart, liver, lungs or ‘lights’ and kidneys, especially of deer, but often other meats. Umble evolved from numble (after the [French] meaning ‘deer’s innards’.

Rohini’s not saying this is the definition of humble pie. Rather the expression, “pie eaters” came about because the striking workers went back to work earlier than other places so had to eat “humble pie”. Wigan people like pies, but that was just coincidence.

By the way the pie barm illustrated looks like the classic Greenhalgh’s Meat and Potato pie, which actually is a Bolton pie, though Greenhalgh’s have lots of very popular pie shops in the Wigan area.

That photograph is showing a pie-in-a-bap in its as-served form. Before eating, it should be squeezed top-to-bottom between the palms of both hands to ensure the crumbs are collected within the barm cake and don’t fall to waste.
Sometimes served with “pea wet” - a condiment made from the juice of mushy peas (marrowfat).

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