Pioneer Saloon



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The saloon looks cool, but definitely a tourist trap. The main saloon looks “old timey” on the inside, but in the back it looks more like a craft beer garden. It might even be fun on a busy night, of which I wouldn’t think it would have too many, but who knows.

I’m more interested in the other bar, on the other side of the general store. There were a bunch of bikers there, inside and outside, drinking around noon. They looked just a smidge into unsavory, but mostly in a ‘I dabble in methanphetamines and’ sort of way. Not in a ‘our secluded desert town has paranormal secrets’ sort of way. But I’d think there are secrets none-the-less, and I’d totally spend a night drinking there to learn a few.


If anyone is looking for an alternate Nevada saloon (albeit, one that’s about 220 miles north of this one,) I can’t recommend the Santa Fe Saloon in Goldfield enough. Goldfield, and nearby Tonopah, have many wonderful places to explore and the Santa Fe Saloon is the perfect historic place to rest your dusty feet and drink a cold beer.


So a lot of locals DO hang out there. I went there for just a drink and ended up staying for a long evening that was among the weirdest of my life. We met a psychic Elvis impersonator who wrote a book channelling Michael Jackson, whom he knew personally when alive.


The ideal Atlas Obscura experience.


Sincerely could not have been better.